Coronavirus Updates



     ZCA wants to officially announce and congratulate our 2020 Valedictorian Alexa Ferritto! We are very proud of you and excited for you and all that the future has in store!


     As we continue to honor the stay at home order issued by the Governor, we will stay with the same routine as this week (offering only drive thru service) on Tuesday, April 28th and Thursday, April 30th from 9 until 12 Noon only. 

  • Payments as well as re-enrollments can be dropped off during this time.
  • Yearbooks have not arrived.
  • Senior graduation rehearsal times will be announced next week.

     God bless you and your family. Stay safe & healthy!



Hello Warrior Family!

     We hope and pray that everyone is well and that all of our families had a wonderful Easter, even if it was spent just staying at home. We serve a Risen Savior and are extremely blessed in every area, even if our current circumstances are inconvenient and not ideal.

     As we prepare for what we are allowed to do as we return from Easter Break, we wanted to keep you informed. The Governor's order says that all businesses or organizations that can provide curbside services can continue to operate to the greatest extent practicable, therefore we have decided to open back up offering curbside service only. This service will be available for all families on Tuesday, April 21, and Thursday, April 23rd from 9 - 3 both days. You can drive thru and drop off completed books as well as pick up new books for your child to continue working in at home. Parents and students are required to stay in their vehicles in the drive thru line. A member of our Staff will greet you (gloved and masked) to fulfill your request. You are also able to communicate directly with Administration and/or your child's Teacher through email. This allows for continuous academic assistance as well as a way for you to get any other questions you may have answered.

     We know that many parents are concerned about their child's education, but we want to assure you that with the design of our curriculum, we don't expect our students to miss a beat. They can continue working on their books at home. Learning and growing one day at a time. 

     The Governor's order addresses the time period ending April 30th. In between now and that date, as well as after that date, we are unsure about what will happen next. As direction is given to us, we will continue to be prayerful and pass the news on to you. Please understand that we always want to respect the Government, as the Bible instructs us to do, and provide the best possible learning opportunity to our students. 

     Yearbooks that have already been purchased will be available mid-May per the yearbook company. More information will follow as we are informed. 

     God bless you and your family. Remember that the Warrior Team is still here for YOU!

~ZCA Administration


Out of respect for our government and the new order effective April 3rd at midnight, Thursday April 2nd will be our last 9-12 in class educational opportunity and last drive thru drop off service available until further notice. Please come in tomorrow before noon to pick up books you need for this extended break. We will be issuing two books per subject per student. Teachers are still available through email to assist academically and can even provide video or photographic support through email. 

     We will continue to pray for our families, our community and our Government as these circumstances are not ideal and these decisions are difficult to make. We will trust our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, because He knows what tomorrow will bring. We will not grow weary in service or be fearful because fear is not from Him. Our hope will remain steadfast and strong in His promises! Please don't hesitate to reach out if we can help you in any way.

~ ZCA Administration


     Governor DeSantis has extended school closures through April 30th. As previously stated, we want our actions to honor Christ. Honoring Christ includes serving people and respecting our Government.

     We will continue with our current schedule of Monday - Thursday, 9 - Noon on-site 8-1 ratio classroom learning, drive-thru & drop off service, and email assistance for all. Please know that we are here to serve your children and want to provide them with these opportunities to learn. We also want to provide as much "normal" as we can for our families while we continue to educate. 

     As of now, per our regular school calendar, Easter Break will be April 8th - April 17th. On April 20th, we will start a Monday - Thursday 9 - Noon schedule for all grades, along with drive-thru service and email direct assistance. It is our plan for this schedule to continue through April 30th. Please understand that as the Governor makes adjustments, we too will be required to adjust.

     A few need to knows:

  • Students should be dressed in school uniform when they are dropped off for their 9 - 12 days. 
  • Monthly scripture memorization is not required during these months of school closures. It will be reassessed when school re-opens.
  • Graduation requirements have not changed.
  • We are in the process of planning other options if graduation services are canceled.
  • Re-enrollment forms can be dropped off in the drive-thru or emailed. 

     If you have any questions or concerns, you can email your child's teacher or call the school office.

     Stay safe and remember that God is not stumped by this pandemic. He still deserves our praise. Psalm 107:8-9.

     ~ZCA Administration

Monday - Thursday Schedule

9 am - 12 Noon

  • Grades K-2: Monday and Wednesday
  • Grades 8-12: Monday and Wednesday
  • Grades 3-7: Tuesday and Thursday



In addition to the Monday - Thursday, 9 AM - 12 Noon hours we will be open to educate (please see schedule in bold below), we are also going to offer a drive-thru service for all of our students and parents. You can drive thru to drop off your child's books and we will exchange them while you wait in your car.

     Our staff will grade the books you turn in and use that to give them an average test score. We ask that you drive thru just as you would for carline and wait patiently for one of our Staff members to come to you. We know some of our families are at a higher risk and we want to help you during this time in a practical way that will make you feel more comfortable and help your child to stay on track.

     As always, we are here to serve you! If you need anything, please feel free to reach out to your child's Teacher or to the Administration.  Stay healthy, stay safe, and TRUST JESUS! John 14:27

~ZCA Administration

Monday - Thursday Schedule

9 am - 12 Noon

  • Grades K-2: Monday and Wednesday
  • Grades 8-12: Monday and Wednesday
  • Grades 3-7: Tuesday and Thursday


ZCA Parents and Students:

     We, at ZCA, want our actions and response to this pandemic to honor Christ first and foremost, we desire to respect our Government and to do all we can to protect the health and safety of our students and families.

     After much prayer, we have made the decision to open our doors beginning March 25th from 9-12 Noon for education. This schedule will continue through April 7th as follows to ensure we adhere to the social distancing suggestions handed down from government agencies.

     This is an option for all students, but is not a requirement.

9 am - 12 Noon

  • Grades K-2: Monday and Wednesday
  • Grades 8-12: Monday and Wednesday
  • Grades 3-7: Tuesday and Thursday

     K-2 will operate like a traditional classroom setting because they need foundational teaching.

     3-12 will be open for testing, academic help, and to issue new books. (More like how we do summer school if you are familiar with that.) It is not required that students arrive at 9 or stay until 12, but these will be the hours we will be providing in person assistance. We will also continue to provide email assistance for all academic needs. Students should arrive in school uniform and should have their own school supplies (calculators and pencils) to prevent the spreading of germs.

     We ask that all students and parents respectfully follow our drop off and dismissal process. Students should be picked up no later than 12 Noon. Parents should remain in their cars in the carline while waiting for their child, this will help us to ensure we do not exceed the 10 person max in any area at one time. We also ask that anyone who has a fever or any flu like symptoms completely avoid coming to school. If your child arrives at school symptomatic, they will be sent home.

     Please also understand that this schedule is subject to change as more information is handed down to us. You can look here at the school's website for the most up to date school information.

~ZCA Administration

For more information regarding the Coronavirus, please visit the Florida Department of Health website ( or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (