Lunch 2021-2022

Soda vending machines and snack machines are available at lunchtime for students in kindergarten and up.

*Microwaves are available.

  • If your child will be late for school and you want to order lunch that day, please call the office before 8:45 am. Late orders will not be accepted.

  • If your child forgets their lunch, it must be brought to the office for pick up.

  • For children 2nd grade and younger, please send your child's lunch order in an envelope with their lunch choice and enclose the proper amount of money in cash.

  • We provide a daily menu from local restaurants. Participation in this program is based upon your child's taste, what your budget may allow, or if you get up late in the morning and need to purchase lunch for convenience. A current menu is available with your child's teacher or in the school office. The menu is subject to change without notice.



Monday Papa Johns $7.00
  Spaghetti with Bread ï»¿  
Tuesday POPEYES Nuggets  $5.00
  Chicken Nuggets with Mashed Potatoes  
Wednesday Papa Johns Papadias $6.00
   Choice of:  
  Italian, Buffalo Chicken OR Philly Cheesesteak  


Thursday Papa Johns $5.00
  1/2 Pizza: Cheese OR Pepperoni   
 Friday PDQ $6.00
  Chicken Sandwiches with Chips  



Upcoming Events

  • Sep24

    Varsity Football vs. Pasco

    Friday, Sep 24, 2021

  • Sep30

    JV Football @ ACA

    Thursday, Sep 30, 2021

  • Oct 1

    Varsity Football @ St. Petersburg Catholic

    Friday, Oct 1, 2021

  • Oct 7

    ZCA @ Midtown Lanes (Cambridge Tournament)

    Thursday, Oct 7, 2021

  • Oct 7

    JV Football @ ODA

    Thursday, Oct 7, 2021

  • Oct 8

    JV Football vs. Zerapath

    Friday, Oct 8, 2021

  • Oct 8

    Varsity Football (Homecoming) vs. Zarepath Academy

    Friday, Oct 8, 2021

  • Oct 9

    Homecoming Dance

    Saturday, Oct 9, 2021

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